Peruvian Entrees

Unique Ingredients and Flavors! No two dishes are similar.

Steamed fresh catch with onions, tomato, parsley & spicy aji pepper-wine sauce. Served with Organic Quinoa.

  • Dinner Only

Shrimp & Pork Peruvian-Cantonese fried rice.

  • Lunch16.95
  • Dinner24.00

Grass fed Filet Mignon stir fry with onions, tomato, aji pepper & Asian spices. Served with yuca and garlic rice.

  • Lunch18.95
  • Dinner22.00

Pan seared local catch, main scallops, New Zealand gree-lip mussels, jumbo shrimp, prawn and calamari tossed in a creamy rocoto sauce. Served with garlic rice.

  • Dinner Only

Blackened Locally caught Fish filet, quinoa, tomato, wild arugula & spinach.ed ladyfingers

  • Lunch Only

Pulled chicken breast, creamy aji sauce: walnuts, aji & Parmesan. Served with potatoes & garlic rice.

  • Lunch16.95
  • Dinner20.00

Grass fed New Zealand lamb cilantro stew with chicha de jora, choclo, peas, carrots, potatoes. Served with garlic rice & pinto beans.into beans.

  • Lunch18.95
  • Dinner22.00

Spinach raviolis with creamy walnut pesto sauce, oven roasted red bell peppers and queso fresco. Complement with filet mignon 4oz» 12.00 and/or shrimp» 6.00

  • Dinner Only
  • With Filet Mignon24.00
  • With Shrimp24.00
  • With Filet & Shrimp24.00
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