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The Best Ceviches in San Diego


Café Secret

The Peruvian restaurant’s mixto features fish, octopus, jumbo shrimp, Peruvian scallops, New Zealand green lip mussels, and calamari (More..)

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This is one secret that can’t be kept quiet – from the moment I sat down in Café Secret, the culinary delight began.  It took only seconds for Café Secret’s ambiance and delicious aromas to romance me.  Sitting in the corner, I felt “tucked in” to the patio among its colorfully dotted foliage circling its way up the terrace and I allowed myself to take a mental journey far away…(More)


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Del Mar Village has a host of interesting restaurants, including Café Secret Cocina Peruana (1140 Camino del Mar; (858) 792-0821), which made the cover of San Diego Magazine’s Best Restaurants 2013 issue. The 5-year-old cafe offers the flavors of South America. (More)


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InsideHookPanCon Chicharron

You’re probably famished by now. So walk over to Café Secret, an open-air Peruvian restaurant facing Del Mar’s European-style town center. Order up some fresh octopus and snapper ceviche to start, then finish with a chicharron — a manly pulled pork sandwich with roasted yams and pickled red onions. Wash it all down with a Cusqueña, Peru’s favorite malt liquor. (More)


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Locale Ceviche

Cafe Secret in Locale Magazine: This casual Peruvian restaurant is known for its ceviche. The menu offers gluten free and vegan choices like their Quinoa Cilantro Tamale. Breakfast begins with oatmeal consisting of maca, almond milk and flax seeds and ends with Dulce de Lucuma cocoa crepes. Next is a flight to Peru! (More)


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Locale Causa

Cafe Secret in Locale Magazine’s Eat Feature Celebrating San Diego’s Freshest Seafood. (More)


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There is more to Peru than purple potatoes, and proof comes in a rainbow of oceanic South American-tinged ceviche at Cafe Secret in Del Mar. (More)


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Our photographer flew 2,500 miles to shoot our Best Restaurants feature, visited 16 restaurants, took 1069 pictures, and got 2 parking tickets… After all that Cafe Secret’s Parihuela (checkout the exposed eyeball!) made our June cover. (Read more…)


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This aptly named Peruvian eatery is as charming as it is delicious. Empanadas warm the soul while a ceviche bar featuring half a dozen varieties, including scallops in aji sauce and mussels from Carlsbad Aquafarm with Peruvian peppers, refresh the body, mind, and palate. Read More from Ranch and Coast Magazine February 2013


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It’s clear that Cafe Secret is becoming pretty well-known around the county. One of the most obvious indicators is that the Peruvian eatery is beginning to appear on “Best of” lists chosen by publications’ readers, particularly for its fresh and flavorful ceviches. North Coast News December 2012


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In.Three. Words – Food critic Troy Johnston gets right to the point of why this neighborhood is THE BEST. Cafe Secret HUGE.GREAT. CEVICHE Best of San Diego 2012


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Mixto Clasico Ceviche @ Café SecretThe ceviche at this tiny Peruvian café in Del Mar has no right to be as fresh and beautifully plated as it is (at lunch, even). A plate includes a mound of seabass or halibut with calamari, shrimp, octopus mussels and scallop tossed with cilantro, lime juice, onions, yams, canchita and ajies (Paruvian peppers). On the side? Scallops on the half-shell, plus cancha (toasted Peruvian corn kernels)Troy Johnson Main Dish June 2012


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Del Mar couple wins locals’ hearts with Peruvian cuisine
Cafe Secret is no secret anymore. Rustic and small, the Camino Del Mar restaurant does not visually make itself apparent from the street, but passing by during dinner time or weekend brunch, one might notice a completely packed outdoor patio. Or on a Wednesday, they may hear the guitar strumming and vocals of a live musician. (Read more…)

“It’s like your mom’s kitchen, but producing massive amounts of feel-good food for anyone’s desires,” Daniella said. “We keep it casual and that’s why we refuse to go to cloth napkins. We want to encourage people to feel like they are at home.”

Source: By Claire Harlin, Del Mar Times Original Article Link

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Peruvian cuisine in Del Mar a secret no more
Café Secret has a sign perched above its Camino del Mar location, but if you approach the restaurant from the same side of the street, you can’t really see it. This certainly adds to the “secret” charm of the place. I love the warm and intimate outdoor seating—there doesn’t even appear to be indoor seats. Right away you feel like you’re eating a special meal on somebody’s patio. Warm candlelight, colorful textiles and smiling staff welcome you into the quiet little enclave.Peruvian food is found only at a few places around San Diego—and there are a few exceptional examples in North County alone. Café Secret isn’t at the top of the list—but it’s darn close. Husband and wife team Bratzo and Daniella Basagoitia have clearly poured their hearts and creativity into their restaurant, and the menu has all sorts of fun treasures to mine. (Read more…)Source: By Jenny Montgomery, San Diego City Beat Original Article Link


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Del Mar’s Best Kept Secret: Peruvian “Cafe Secret”
I never would have thought that after six months of living in Argentina, I would leave the country head-over-heels in love with Peruvian food. As I was leaving Buenos Aires, Peruvian and Peruvian-fusion restaurants popped up all over the city, and I left wondering when I’d have a chance to try this unique fare again. Luckily, there is Del Mar’s “best kept secret”: Cafe Secret.Bringing their Peruvian roots to the table since 2009, owners Daniella & Bratzo Basagoitia have created a menu featuring Peruvian classics like Ceviche and “Lomo Saltado,” along with breakfast items, sandwiches and fresh seafood dishes. Desserts and pastries are baked fresh daily, including alfajores (a sweet Latin American treat) and key lime meringue pie. I recently learned that Cafe Secret will also be featuring Thanksgiving To Go featuring sliced roasted meats, delicious side items and homemade desserts: a perfect option for those looking for a fun alternative to a traditional Thanksgiving meal!

Cafe Secret is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7:30am to 9pm. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

Source: By Amanda Roberts-Jones, San Diego Culinary Travel Examiner Original Article Link


Café Secret
Cooking was always a passion for former Peruvians Daniella and Bratzo Basagoitia. “We always had a lot of people over. The one thing we love to do together is cooking.” Their aim is to present traditional food and cooking and introduce Peruvian food slowly as it gains acceptance. They are continually testing different types of Peruvian food, evaluating the response and, if positive, continue featuring it on the menu – a menu which is proving to be highly eclectic and international.

“We learned early on not to be too stubborn about fitting everything into our vision, but to acknowledge opportunities when they presented themselves, such as catering special celebrations, holding weekend tapas and wine events, serving breakfast to persons staying in the adjacent Inn or adopting, small, but important, things, like offering organic Peruvian coffee when it proved a favorite among guests.”

Source: Sandpiper – Business spotlight

‘Secret’ treats for local foodies
Take the charming cafe on Camino Del Mar whose name is actually Secret. Owned by a young Peruvian couple who left the corporate world to pursue their shared joy of cooking, it’s the perfect place to sample a Peruvian sandwich or empanada. But it’s also a top spot for morning coffee and a freshly baked carrot/raisin/walnutapple muffin. If Bratzo and Daniella Basagoitia have a secret, it’s homemade food plus hospitality.

“We’re here all the time, doing what we love,” Daniella said. “We want to feel like we’re hosting a home, giving personal attention to our guests.” Their regular customers seem to feel the same way.

“They have such a joie de vivre,” said Susan Astarita, who lives just a few blocks away. “They try to make you comfortable and give you what you like.” Another Secret fan, Shaun Singer, agrees. “It’s good food and the atmosphere’s mellow. And I always look forward to eating here on weekends when they have dinner specials and live music. It’s really a great addition to Del Mar.”

Source: North County Times, business review section

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